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Leslie Dodd

Les Dodd (band leader) first got into music when he was about 5 or 6 years old and his brother Joe had returned from completing his national service. He brought home a battered old acoustic guitar and it was then Les knew he wanted to be a guitar player.

As the years went by Les was in school bands and was always looking for like-minded people. Eventually he joined a band called 'Deep Freeze', who later became 'Glider'. They played extensively in clubs in the north east of England.

“You could work most nights in those days so this served as a good apprenticeship playing to audiences who could be hard to please. Nevertheless these were happy days, having great fun.”

There were quite a few other bands Les belonged to and he also did club residencies and sessions for other people.

During these times however Les was always writing songs.

“It's a love that's stayed with with me all my life.”

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Brass Plaque

I'll Never

Soldier Boys

Meet the band

Stu Burlison


The guy Les has known the longest in 'The Daisy Hill Band' is Stu Burlison, (Bass). “Stu and I go back to the early 70's. We recorded some songs in his basement back then which got me and a friend of mine (Colin Mason) a publishing deal with Island Music, the same label Bob Marley was on.” Stu has also played in loads of bands, notably 'Gin House', who won the national competition 'Battle of the Bands'
Brian Duffy


Piano - Accordion - Harmony Vocals
Les first met Brian Duffy (piano). whilst recording at Lynx studios. Brian came in to play some accordion. So when the band, 'The Happy Cats' was put together, Brian was an original member, They played together for 10 years in that band and are still great friends.


Harmony Vocals
Brian and Irene Hume (harmony) are probably better known as 'Prelude'. They have had worldwide success with the song 'After The Goldrush'. Les has known them for many years and has always loved their vocal harmonies.
Jim Hornsby


Jim is great to work with and just a great guitar and dobro player. “If I were to list all Jim's musical exploits and experiences we'd have a very long book on our hands, all this and he's a nice bloke.”
Derrick Spence


Last but definitely not least is Derrick Spence (Fiddle). Derrick stepped in on the album launch when the fiddle player we had ,suffered an injury the night before the gig,
Liam Fender


Liam is a fine young player with a great feel for the music. “Giving my age away, I used to work with his dad Alan he was'nt bad either!”


'The Dusty Road' is the debut album of the band, containing 11 tracks written by Les Dodd and supported by some of the North East's finest musicians. Being a North East of England band, we encourage keeping music alive locally and therefore invite you to purchase our album directly from this site. It will enable the band to invest in venues locally to encourage you to come and hear us LIVE! For all albums purchased from the site, a percentage will go towards local North East Charity, 'The Sunshine Fund', to help children in our region with disabilities. To find out more about 'The Sunshine Fund' and how you can help, click on the links below. Download the album now to listen on all your mobile devices.

We provide equipment to hundreds of disabled children in the North East every year. However applications are at an all time high as there are many more children who need our support. We need your help to allow every child to reach their potential and live life to the full. 

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